Engenco Group Careers

At the Engenco Group we provide a safe and inclusive environment while striving to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the transportation industry. Operating across Australia and Europe we are recognised for our industry experience, which comes from a highly skilled workforce, supported by our dedicated team of leaders.


Across the Engenco Group we are committed to understanding how our business operations affect the Environment and our Community. We are working to assess our business practices and aim to develop a strategy focussing on health and safety, diversity and inclusion and emission reduction.


You will be joining a team who value you, for who you are. A team which recognises that our talented and diverse team are what sets us apart.


Join us and start your career today.


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Living the Engenco Group values


The power of honesty

We are committed to doing the right thing. We are motivated to promote a culture of trust, to operate ethically, honestly, legally and transparently and to deliver on what we promise.



The power of responsibility

We are committed to accepting our responsibilities and delivering on our promises. We pledge to maintain a healthy and safe working environment, to practice sustainable business and to work with our customers to deliver quality solutions.



The power of working together

We are committed to working as a team to accomplish our individual and Group goals. We understand that our differences make us stronger. We listen to each other and welcome the
opportunity to learn something new. Together we will succeed.



The power of quality

We are committed to be the best at what we do. We are driven to never compromise on quality,
safety, to prioritise value and to celebrate innovation.

Inspired people creating sustainable transportation solutions.

Employee Benefits


Flexible Working

At the Engenco Group we are committed to providing genuine flexible working opportunities. We understand that balancing work hours in a way that suits your individual needs, while fulfilling the requirements of your role and contributing meaningfully to your team environment can benefit our people and our businesses. Whether you are based in a workshop, training facility or an office location, we are committed to supporting every employee to work flexibly, as far as practicable.


Connected Culture

Across the Engenco Group we drive a culture where we are all connected. We know that you will feel part of the team when working with the Engenco group of businesses, so much so that through our Candidate Referral program we offer incentives to our employees to refer great candidates, who are aligned with our company values and commitment to safety.


Learning and Development

We are committed to supporting our people and developing their capabilities so they can grow and build an exciting and challenging career with the Engenco Group. All of our people have access to self-paced development opportunities through our online learning platform. We understand that we need to equip our leaders with the tools and knowledge to effectively lead our people and provide further training to those in leadership positions. In fact, we encourage and support further training for all employees.


Employee Share Plan

As an Engenco Group permanent employee you will have the opportunity to participate in our Employee Share Purchase Plan, which allows our people to take an ownership stake in the Group, and to share in our success.



We recognise that our people make a difference, and the difference really is our Engenco people. We recognise our people who show a commitment to MakeSafe, and who role-model our Values of Integrity, Excellence, Commitment and Collaboration. We also recognise the loyalty and commitment of our employees who meet service milestones throughout their career. Our Elevate a Workmate Program enables recognition including thank you cards, gift cards and quarterly and annual awards.


Health and Wellbeing

All Engenco Group employees and their families have access to confidential counselling sessions with qualified counsellors and support services through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), to help with the challenges they may be facing, in both their work or personal lives. Our annual health and wellbeing program also includes access to free flu vaccinations.


National Footprint

We have 29 Engenco Group worksites located in every state across Australia.


Vehicle Novated Leasing

At the Engenco Group eligible employees can salary sacrifice, by entering into a Novated Lease agreement for a new or pre-loved car. This scheme includes vehicle finance along with bundling key running costs.

Team Stories