Why do I need a forklift course?


The operation of a forklift is a classed as a high risk work activity, LF class and therefore, requires licensing through the State based governing body. In WA, WorkSafe is part of the Government of Western Australia operating within the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.


TLILIC2001 – Licence to operate a forklift truck is the operation of a powered industrial truck equipped with lifting media, made up of a mast and an elevating load carriage to which is attached a pair of fork arms or other arms that can be raised 900mm or more above the ground. Forklifts are commonly used in warehouse operations, construction sites, distribution centres.


Part of the course involves a theory and practical assessment. These assessments will be administered by a Registered WorkSafe Assessor. If you are deemed competent, you will be required to complete a WorkSafe Application for a Licence to Perform High Risk Work. More detail regarding the assessment process and High Risk Work Licence applications can be found in the next sections of this article.



High Risk Work Licence is a photographic licence issued to an individual that has undertaken training and assessment in specific tasks and has been deemed as competent by a Registered WorkSafe Assesor. The licence is valid for 5 years and is issued directly though WorkSafe WA.


CERT Training takes care of the WorkSafe application process for you. If you are deemed Competent in the assessments, you will be required to complete a WorkSafe Application for a Licence to Perform High Risk Work. You will need to provide 2 passport size photographs and two forms of valid identification. The WorkSafe Registered Assesor will complete a Notice of Assessment and once CERT administration has processed your assessments and printed your Statement of Attainment, we will submit the application to WorkSafe on your behalf. WorkSafe will post the licence directly to you.


WorkSafe application fees are dependent on the type of licence you are applying for. There are four different options to choose from when completing the WorkSafe Application.

  • Applying for a new Western Australian High Risk Work Licence (includes adding classes issued in another state) costs $100.
  • Adding a new class (including existing interstate licence) to an existing Western Australian Licence costs $78.50.
  • Application for a lost, stolen or damaged card is $66.00.
  • If you already hold a High Risk Work Licence and it is about to expire, you can choose to renew this online and the fee is $53.00.


CERT Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) (Identification Number 51333) providing cost effective quality training solutions. Nationally, CERT employs in excess of thirty-five trainers and assessors with either a safety, construction or rail background and in most cases, all three. All CERT high risk work trainers are Registered WorkSafe Assessors with many years’  industry experience and vocational education and training practice.



CERT WA have three operational facilities strategically placed to offer responsive cost-effective solutions to WA residents.

  • Welshpool (Perth)
    • Close to Perth’s CBD, located within the United Equipment premises, CERT Training offers a first-class quality training experience, comprising both knowledge and practical based components. CERT has access to rail infrastructure resources and equipment to help enrich students’ learning and training experience.
  • Bunbury (Southwest)
    • Situated in Western Australia’s Southwest Region, the recently opened Bunbury facility offers a wide range of high risk, mobile plant equipment, rail and other training courses delivered by qualified and competent training professionals with significant industry experience.
  • Port Hedland (Pilbara)
    • CERT operates a training facility situated in Port Hedland in the heart of the Pilbara Region in Western Australia. CERT’s modern facilities, infrastructure, and equipment support the delivery of a wide range of rail, high risk mobile equipment and other courses to meet all customer requirements.



CERT offers two options for individuals to complete a forklift course. There are many individuals that have a vast knowledge and experience in operating a forklift, but do not hold a HRWL or it may have expired and WorkSafe have indicated that you need to complete a refresher course before renewing your licence.


For these circumstances, CERT offer:

  • A one day course for experienced operators. To book a one day course, students will be required to provide evidence of previous experience in forklift operations. Please read the 5 questions below to determine your eligibility for a 1 day course:
    • Have you previously held a High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) for this class (LF)?
    • Have you used a forklift in the last twelve months?
    • In the last twelve months, have you operated a forklift for a minimum of 200 hours (average 4 hours per week)?
    • If requested, would you be willing to provide a written reference from a current/previous employer as evidence of your experience using a forklift?
    • You will be required to complete a full pre-start check on a forklift before your assessment begins. Do you feel confident that you can complete this satisfactorily?


If you have answered yes to all of these questions, you may be eligible to complete a 1 one-day course. If you attend and the assessor believes you do not have adequate experience, you will be required to attend a second day of training before receiving a satisfactory outcome and pay the fee for the full two-day course.

  • A two-day course with full training and assessment provided for inexperienced operators. If you have little to no experience in the operation of a forklift truck, you need to complete a two- day course. This will provide training in all aspects of forklift operations.


If a company has several staff who require a forklift course, CERT can deliver this training at your premises, anywhere in Western Australia, providing it meets WorkSafe criteria including having the adequate equipment to complete all of the tasks and techniques required. Additional charges which may apply for on-site delivery can be provided by the CERT Training West Australia Office.



CERT understands that everyone learns differently. The training for this course has two components:

  1. Classroom based learning which is assessed through a theory component comprised of multiple choice and short-answer questions,
  2. Practical learning conducted as a one-on-one activity, in which you demonstrate the tasks associated with forklift operations that you have learned throughout the course.


Prior to the commencement of training, all students are required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N) assessment which is designed to ensure student learning needs are taken into account during training.  All CERT Trainers are skilled and experienced in assisting students who may have learning needs.


There are no pre-requisites for a forklift course and a medical is not required to sit the course. WorkSafe requires all participants to be 18 years or older. You must be free from the effects of alcohol and/or illegal substances or any medication which may affect your ability to undertake tasks in a high risk work environment.



CERT offers many High Risk Work Licence courses, including



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